Loïc Pravaz, photographe commercial, basé à Montréal produit des images pour le marketing numérique, la communication sur les médias sociaux | photographie commerciale | photographie de produits | portraits | photographie créative.


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About Loic

I was raised in France, I lived in the Caribbean, in Australia, and in Belgium before landing in Montreal. I discovered the beautiful world of photography when studying for my bachelor’s in Belgium. Photography was helping me communicate new and powerful ideas as a graphic designer. Upon arrival in Montreal, I decided to start offering photography services in addition to graphic design. The camera was always in my hands, and the people I worked with would drop their jaws lower and lower every time they looked at my work. I started to spend more and more time doing photography work, and graphic design slowly started fading away in my schedule. I now very seldom do graphic design work. I take a project here and there when it really catches my attention.


I started to build a client base with companies and brick and mortar businesses in Montreal. I am still working with many of them today.


In 2015, I moved on the north shore of Montreal, and I was blessed to meet a dynamic and welcoming professional community.


What I like the most in my job is to show how the little everyday things can become exceptional when shot at the right angle. And my client’s reactions when they see the work I produce for them is really what fuels my passion for this job.


Photography always has a new challenge to offer. Be it for a portrait, a product shot, an automobile or a building, every little thing can become beautiful under the right light and the right angle. In my view, this is what really makes a good photographer.


So even if we all have an uncle or a friend who has the latest camera, and who makes good photos, the real photographer is the one who finds how a thing or a situation can become beautiful, and highlight that feature. Gear is important. The way you look at things is what going to make or break your shot.


Having lived in many different places in the world, I speak 4 languages, and even after having lived 11 years in Canada, I still learn a lot about the subtleties of the country and its culture. I strive to keep my eyes open wide and my mind even wider. These things really help me understand what my clients need, and how I can adapt to their demands.


If you wish to find out more about me, and see the latest jobs I published, why not take a look at my Instagram feed, or even send me a message?