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Drainclair was founded in 1969 by Gérard Marc-Aurèle. It has since been a pioneer in no-digging drain unclogging, drain cleaning and sewer drain fixing in the Greater Montreal Area: Laval, South Shore and North Shore of the island. It has been among the first to use Formadrain Technology to fix sewer conduits without excavation.


Drainclair decided to once again innovate by adding a virtual tour on their website. The biggest marketing challenge they face is to communicate to their client that they’re a super-plumber. The client will call them when the job becomes too difficult for a regular plumber.


This is where the Virtual tour on Google Street View becomes the ideal marketing tool, for a clear positioning. The company also used my services for corporate headshots of management which will be used on the website and on social media (Linkedin).


Because they took advantage of the photographer’s presence to shoot corporate portraits, they were able to significantly save on photography costs, and got a complete package.



Virtual Tour

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Documentary