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Premier Outils pro

Leader on the construction tools market, the Premier Outils Pro store of Montreal has recently been completely rebuilt, and increased the size of its stock. In order to show their clients that they’re always on top of their game, the company hired me to do a virtual tour on Google Street View.


It is the third virtual tour I make for Premier Outils Pro. The first two ones were in Montreal (old store) and in Québec City. The virtual tour of this store was made at 5pm at night, once the store was closed. That enabled me to work in a clutter-free environment: no clients, no employees on the floor, and the team was able to clean up the store before I came. This way, my work wasn’t getting into the store’s business.


The interesting thing about shooting at this hour, is that the light is a lot more diffused and architecture photography is more flattering.

A virtual tour on Google Street View is a precious marketing tool that fits well in the arsenal my clients use to get noticed. This virtual tour has generated over 15,000 visits in the first 6 months.




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