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Turcot & Olivier: products



Product Photography

Eyewear Photography

For 35 years, on the North Shore of Montreal, Turcot Olivier has redefined optometry. In each of their 4 stores, you will find a rich selection of designer eyewear. From the most classical options, to the more audacious ones.


These products need to find a way to the website, social media, and printed advertising. This client’s success depends on the uninterrupted efforts put towards offering the best choice of high-end eyewear. And the photos of their products are a crucial step.


The client has hired me to take the photo of their inventory. The volume of work, as well as the consistency needed between all the photos were the major challenges of this contract. The first photo of the year had to look exactly like the photo shot in that year.


In order to achieve consistency, I had to engineer procedure, strong enough to efficiently manage the volume of items, and flexible enough to be reactive and provide quick turnaround time. The client needs to put the items back into inventory in order to sell them as soon as possible.