Loïc Pravaz


Photography and Graphic Design. I combine these two skills to ensure a fast and efficient service to my client.
I translate your vision into images and lay it out in a visually appealing finished product.

Commercial Photography

  • Event Photography
  • Medical Photography
  • Institutional Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Google Business View Photography

Graphic Design

  • Annual Reports
  • Catalogs
  • Corporate Branding (Logos, business cards, ...)
  • Product Packages
  • Printed Advertising Campaings
  • Website Layout

My clients are primarily companies and institutions. Please get in touch with me for any personnal or family oriented inquiry (Wedding photography, family photography, portraits, Wedding invitation design, ...)

About Me

Learn About my Background & Culture.

The Entrepreneur
John Doe

Loïc Pravaz

Born and raised in France, I went to Guadeloupe to finish high-school. Life on this Caribbean island gave me the travel bug and encouraged me to explore the world. I then decided to go to Australia to visit the country and learn English, before studying Political Sciences & Communication and Graphic Design in Belgium. Six years later, I was leaving for Canada where I arrived on January 15, 2008, and started to work as a freelance designer and photographer. Today I am working hard to satisfy my clients needs and create a meaningful relationship with new prospects.

The Creative Director
The Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer

After 2 years of political sciences and communication, I decided to start making images. Four years of a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in a Belgian University made a graphic designer out of me, and taught me the essentials of visual perception, graphic communication and information layout. Today I am able to fully comprehend the ins and outs of my client's field of expertise and render visually appealing and relevant documents.

The Image Maker
The Photographer

The Photograher

My natural inclination towards photography initially brought me into graphic design. Photography being one of the majors in my education, I naturally developed the need to push the limits of my learning to cultivate my own style and technique. I established my photography business upon arrival in Canada, and I've since been published in major newspapers, put my photos on product packages distributed all over North America, and developed artistic photography now featured in Montreal galleries.

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